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Welcome to the Home of the Azerothian Raiders!

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Fyierna, May 27, 09 7:59 PM.

Hiya Everyone!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to highlight some of the fantastic features of our website to make sure you’re using it to it’s fullest!

1.       Guild Information – Everything you need to know about rules, getting promotions, and what is expected of our members.

2.       Mail – great for keeping in touch with people to coordinate instances and things ahead of time, especially if you’re not usually on at the same time. 

3.       Forums – Get insight on events, skills, classes, or just goof around, but everyone is welcome and encouraged to put in their two cents.

4.       Voting – From time to time we will add poles regarding future raids, guild rules, loot division, and even professions.  Check in every so often and remember that every vote counts equally.

5.       Game Links and Fun Links – The fun ones are just for fun, but the Game Information links are a great tool if you need help finding gear upgrades, stuck on a quest, and eventually, gaining insight for our raids.

6.       Blog – Each person has one.  I know we all love to get to know each other, and this can be a fun way to do that.  You don’t have to blog as yourself; you can even blog as your character if you wish, just for fun. 

7.       Our Members – A whole page dedicated to the awesomeness of the Raiders…  from shout outs and congratulations to a screenshot gallery of guild accomplishments.

8.       Calendar – As we get larger, the calendar will be used more to schedule raids and events, especially when there will be more than one group coordinated at once.

I encourage people to use this site as much as you want or as little.  Since we’re all in this together, it is a great way to support one another and improve as a guild through advice, scheduled events, and even item trades (see forums: Want ads).  Thank you everyone for your continued efforts and dedication. 

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